Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Genre Bashing - Just Shut Up!

Ok guys, this is a total rant blog. I am so tired of seeing other authors bashing genres they don’t like or read saying they don’t “understand why people read that crap.” The truth is, there is something out there for everyone. I LOVE that! I love that there is so much talent, creativity, and diversity in the writing world even if it happens to be in genres I don’t read because I know other people do. To speak badly of authors who write in genres that sell well is just petty.

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  1. Great post, Michelle! I left a couple of comments over there.

    I agree completely with everything you say. I find it very disturbing that one author would bash another simply because he/she didn't like or understand the genre. Have they forgotten the blood, sweat and tears they poured into their own work?

    It is one thing to write a negative review on a book if it deserves it... and it is constructively done. But to hate on someone over something you don't like? I don't get it... just walk away... no one is making you read it!

    I hate brussel sprouts... you don't see me doing this big bash campaign on Facebook about them. I simply don't eat them!

    Now, back to my not-so-glittery vampyre story.